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Inter-dimensional spiritual being!

You’re not alone on this cosmic journey.

If you’d like to vibe with other light-minded sentient balls of stardust, you’ve come to the right place.

Finally, an online space to learn and practice metaphysics that guides you and the planet in awakening & ascension.

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There are so many strange rabbit holes to fall down when it comes to information on the ‘New Earth.’ The Galactic Classroom is designed with the inner spiritual traveling beginner in mind. To take you on a journey. From your busy mind down deep into your heart. Where your soul is quiet. Where you can just be.

This experience isn’t meant to add anything to your life that you’re lacking. Everything you need is already inside of you. Instead the intention is to awaken you to your own knowing. As above so below. Inter-dimensional being begins with Inner-dimensional being. The whole world, the whole galaxy, has always been inside you. It’s time to re-connect with your divine higher self. Right here in your body of light.

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Meet Your Guide, Jason Korthaeur

Jason is an experienced and compassionate inter-dimensional healer of spirits in a body. His religious training includes a Masters of Divinity from Wartburg Theological Seminary & many years of service in the church. His spiritual training includes Reiki Master of several lineages, Connective Healing & Light Lay-Lines practitioner. 

Jason's objective in sessions, lessons, and starseed sermons is to reconnect you to the sovereignty of your higher self. So you can be your own guru and blaze your own path.

Galactic Classroom Topics

Crystal 'Scripts ~ Crystal Prescriptions for Common Concerns

Mini & Full Guided Meditations for all Occasions

Simple Energy Work Techniques for all Levels

Sovereignty Skills for Self-Attunement

Thoughts Are Having Me

Conversations on Sovereignty by Jason Korthauer & Audrie Marie Rose

Episode 1: Self Attunement for Sovereignty

Virtual Sessions

Inter-Dimensional Guidance

Get partially channeled, tarot-informed guidance on how your energy is creating your life currently. Discover unseen paths forward to guide and support you personally and professionally. Each session is uniquely guided and personalized by your higher self. For your highest good at this juncture in your journey.

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Inter-Dimensional Healing

Go on a guided shamanic meditation journey. From your busy mind, through your third eye. Down into your ancient sacred heart. Where you will meet with your inter-galactic team of guides. For guidance and energy medicine. The session begins setting your intention. Then the personalized journey. Afterwards we discuss your experience and how it relates to your intention and next steps forward on your healing journey.

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A great way to pay the awakening forward for you or a friend. Purchase in advance for 1 on 1 sessions. Or come on down to the shop. New Dimensions Crystals & Reiki in downtown Brenham, Texas. We're open 10-6 Wednesday - Saturday, 12-6 on Sunday and by appointment Monday & Tuesday. 

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